“Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said no one will be intentionally exposed to this virus.”

Global Public Health Professor Devi Sridhar What should we do to save and improve WHO? What has made the...

Corona: Why the Western world is so reluctant to learn from Asia

The corona crisis painfully exposes the vulnerabilities of the usually dominant West. Not the virus itself, but society will...

Why the corona crisis did not eradicate antivax sentiments

The corona crisis shows us what a virus can do when no vaccine is available. What does this do...

Not the virus will determine our future, but the way society is dealing with it

Anthropologist Agustin Fuentes emphasizes COVID-19 is not just a biological event For months, we’ve been obsessed by the virus....

‘I totally don’t understand that people in Europe don’t wear masks’

‘Korean Dr Fauci’ Woo-Joo Kim about his country’s approach Should western countries adopt the approach of countries like South...

Guest post: A comparison of coronavirus approaches

Last week I was pointed at an interesting analysis of the global coronavirus approaches. The author, dr. Daxin Ni,...

Can a century-old TB vaccine steel the immune system against the new coronavirus?

Science Magazine / sciencemag.org Researchers in four countries will soon start a clinical trial of an unorthodox approach to...

How does someone become a conspiracy thinker?

A HEALTHY DOSE OF SUSPICION Until recently, conspiracy thinkers were mainly studied to find out what derailed them. But...

First malaria vaccine rolled out in Africa—despite limited efficacy and nagging safety concerns

A SHOT OF HOPE Published in Science Magazine, November 29, 2019 MALAWI—In a small room at the Phalula Health...

It’s a beautiful child. Why did he die?

After the stillbirth of their son, journalists Jop de Vrieze and Zvezdana Vukojevic are in search of answers within...

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